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We offer services that elevate your entire practice. We help you with patient acquisition, patient quality, operations, lowered stress, better profitability, expansion guidance and much more.

01. Honesty & Integrity

The gauge for our success

02. Private Practice Expertise

We understand private practices inside out.

03. Unmatched Expertise

40+ MD advisors, 20+ years experience, 10+ years patient marketing

Most Requested Services

The Most Wanted Services For Your Colleagues

All Inclusive Marketing 80%
Digital Advertising 70%
SEO 62%
Process Automation 48%
Improve Profitability 75%

Sunil Modi

Founder CEO

Expert in helping Medical Practices. Sunil has over 25 years of experience, and over 10 years in healthcare, last 7 in patient marketing. He is very comfortable in designing strategies for patient acquisition, patient retention, and patient satisfaction.

Expert researcher in understanding the target patient for the practice, and finding the niche where the practice excels over the competition.

Proficient in Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads as well as Yelp Ads.

Reputation Management:

Strategy to build and maintain reputation for the practice are vital for any marketing strategy to succeed. Comfortable working in channeling patients towards reviews, Google reviews, Yelp Reviews and other sources of reputation build (TV appearances, media appearances etc).

Revenue and Profitability Management:

Perhaps the most important aspect for any medical practice is to manage revenue and maintain profitability. He has worked for the past 20 years in startups and as an entrepreneur to have a deep understanding of accounting principles. I delve deep into insurance contracts to determine the best suited ones for the practice based on payment terms as well as agreed rates. He helps practices negotiate better rates with the payors and leave the payors with the lowest rates, while improving profitability.


He has consulted with practices and helped them get HIPAA compliant while using technology to better perform their operations. Adept at evaluating EMR solutions, Automating processes, Intake automation, phone automation, faxing solutions, patient-related-automation, automated appointments, automated payments, payment gateways, payment solutions etc.

Revenue Cycle Management:

He helps practices cut down on lost revenue and increase profitability. He studies every step where revenue is expected and ensures we can improve it to a better outcome.


He has helped several medical practices and startups grow from the ground up or negative revenue and become profitable quickly.

Areas of specialty:

Oncology, Pediatrics, Podiatry, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Urgent Care, Psychology, Telemedicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Concierge Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology etc.


Medical Job Boards, Chronic disease App, Portals, EMR interfaces, CRM, Consulting for Pharma etc.