100% Managed Digital Marketing For Your Practice

We handle everything related to your clinic’s Marketing. We manage :

  • Website
  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • Reviews
  • Listings

We are the complete Marketing solution for your practice.

Digital Marketing for doctors

Over 2 Million Patients Acquired

Who we are and how are we so confident in our proposition.

Over 20 Years of Expertise

Invaluable expertise that spans across:

  • Conventional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient Behavior Studies
  • Consulting for Pharma Industry
  • Research of Disease processes
  • Deep Understanding of Patient Needs & Search Patterns

We have helped several practices go from:
Great Doctors
Great Doctors with a waiting list.

Marketing Must Include All Aspects

The most effective Marketing solution involves all pieces of the puzzle coming together. That is why we extend our support to all aspects of your Marketing equation.

Website: We undertake complete management of your site. We manage the site’s appearance, content, flow providing an easy error-free experience . We ensure your site attracts patients to call you.

SEO: We also ensure your site ranks for relevant keywords pertinent to your practice. We also ensure your site speed is optimized for a fast user experience. Since most users are mobile these days, we pay close attention to mobile version of your site.

Advertising: We undertake extensive campaigns to ensure you get enough traffic to your clinic. our expertise in Advertising yields quick results and gets your campaign the boost it needs to get started.

Reviews: We manage your reviews and work with you to generate more favorable ones.

Listings: We ensure you are listed for the major search engines. We also leverage your listing to attract high quality patients to your practice.

Attracting High Quality Patients

Your practice benefits most from a patient that carries a PPO Insurance or is Cash pay, or in some cases, is a Medicare patient. We target our campaigns to deliver these high quality patients to you.

A Marketing team that can deliver high quality patients is a marketing team worth talking to.

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Transparency is our motto. Our pricing is listed here for your review. We deliver high quality work and our work ethics are always honest. We are proud to help patients find the care they need.

Monthly Fee For Our Services: $5,000

(For a Single Physician Primary Care Doctor)

  • Website Management
  • SEO
  • Digital Advertising (At Our Cost)
  • Reviews Management
  • Listings

Month 1: You will notice a definite uptick in patient volume. Your website starts to improve. Your web presence is more pronounced.

Month 2: A pronounced upswing in new patients. You are certainly busier. Your website has marked improvements. Your name appears higher in Google searches and listings. Your reviews are going up. Your website now ranks for Google.

Month 3: You no longer have time or need to worry about marketing. You are happy taking care of patients and busy planning your expansion.

If you would like to get to Month 3, please click on the link below and establish a complementary session with us.



Initial discussion about your practice and your present challenges.