We Setup Your Own Fully Automated Telemedicine Practice

We Setup Your Own Fully Automated Telemedicine Practice

Your Own Practice, Your Own Patients, Your Own Revenues 100%

What We Can Do For You

Get A Fully Automated Telemedicine Setup Just The Way You Want

No Long Term Contracts

You are not bound in any contract with us. Once the work is done, the platform is yours to use forever.

No Shared Profits

You keep all your revenue. Whether you bill Insurance or charge cash is your choice. We enable credit card transactions connected to your bank account for a seamless operation.

Build Your Brand And Reputation

Let the word spread about your telemedicine practice. Get our help with marketing and grow your practice just how you envisioned it.

The Easiest Most User Friendly Experience For You And Your Patients

Fully automated, completely hassle-free setup that is yours to own.

Industry Leading Website

Get A Website That is custom made for you. We showcase your skills for your patients and help them gain confidence in booking with you.

Integrated Telemedicine Booking

Patients can book anytime online. They automatically get intake forms that they can fill out online. Their credit card is stored securely, and their appointment is confirmed once all the info is received.

HIPAA Compliance

Completely HIPAA compliant video and messaging platform helps you conduct your sessions securely and confidently.

Custom Availability

Patients book based on your availability. You adjust your schedule at will online.

Seamless Payments

With credit card on file, you charge patients whether they are one-time consults or monthly members. Payments can be automatic or manual. Membership payment frequency is adjustable based on your practice.

Built-in Patient Portal

Communicate with your patients, send or receive files, discuss next appointments in a HIPAA secure easy to use light patient portal.

Built-in EMR

Get access to a light EMR sufficient to document for your telehealth patients, or use the one your prefer.


Get notified of new patient bookings as a text and/or email. Patients also get reminders about their upcoming appointments.

Facets Of Your Telemedicine Setup

As your consultants, we also help you understand the benefits of additional features worth offering.

Additional Features of Your Telehealth Solution
  • Online Booking
  • Integrated In Your Website
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Automated Digital Intake Forms
  • Automated Credit Card Collection
  • Automated Appointment Confirmations
  • HIPAA compliant Video
  • Patient Reminders
  • Automated Payment Collection
  • Doctor Notification For New Appointments
  • Light EMR
  • Messaging Portal


The Most Affordable Long Term Solution for your Telehealth Practice.